Additional packages

Breakfast basket

Want to sleep in and have breakfast in your pajamas? We will be happy to provide you with a breakfast basket directly in the cottage. You set the time in advance, we unlock the front door and put the breakfast basket behind it.

Do you have a gluten-free diet? Please let us know in time and we will provide you with a gluten-free breakfast basket for an additional fee.

Price for breakfast basket / 2pc. / 590,- CZK

Artur - Snídaňový koš
Artur Štramberk - Grilovací balíček

BBQ package

We are happy to prepare a tasty barbecue package for our guests, which consists of renting a mobile grill with accessories and a wide variety of grilling ingredients.

Barbecue package price 1. 690,- CZK

Renting the grill separately 500,- CZK

Grilovací balíček

Naším hostům rádi připravíme chutný grilovací balíček, který se skládá ze zapůjčení mobilního grilu s příslušenstvím a z bohatých variací surovin ke grilování.

Cena grilovacího balíčku 1. 690,- Kč

Cena grilovacího balíčku

1. 690,- Kč

Zapůjčení grilu samostatně 500,- Kč

Artur Štramberk - Grilovací balíček

Electric bikes

For all lovers of picturesque landscapes and cycling tours we have quality electric bikes for rent, which will make it easier for you to explore the beauty of Štramberk and its wide surroundings.

Price for renting electric bikes 800,- /day

Artur Štramberk - Elektrokola 6


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